System Improvements

11 February 2019 - 20:06

Q-Assessor has just received a major revision. Some of the changes are obvious:

  • The site now uses a responsive layout that adjusts to the nature of the device accessing it — whether smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • All connections now are securely encrypted using SSL.
  • Our new hosting company, DigitalOcean, provides much faster performance.

Some changes are not so apparent but are just as important:

  • The site has completely updated the technologies that underlie the application.
  • The application itself has been largely rewritten, with even more tests baked in.
  • Login credentials are stored using a much more secure encryption system.

We hope that you find the site to work more easily and satisfactorily than before. However, with any change, issues can slip through despite our best efforts. If you spot any problems, please email us with information about what you were trying to do, what happened, and any error messages you got along with screen shots, which are most helpful. We will promptly deal with any reported issues.

If you haven’t logged in in a long time and have forgotten the password you set up when you registered, you may find that our “reset my password” function doesn’t succeed in getting you back in. If so, email us and we’ll handle your case by hand.

Thanks again for your interest in Q-Assessor!


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