Free "Test Drive" Use of Q-Assessor Now Available In Addition to Subscriptions

16 September 2014 - 22:33

Because of the gratifying interest in Q-Assessor over the past year, we have reworked our policies regarding access to the system:

  • We have resumed open registration to the site.
  • New registered users can configure and conduct one test study using all of Q-Assessor’s features, limited only by the number of concourse statements, interview questions, and allowed responses.
  • We have improved the subscription request system, so that a simple form — inquiring the number of months desired, the projected start date, and a billing address — generates an invoice and signals to us of your interest.
  • A paid subscriber can create and conduct any number of studies during the subscription period, plus gain access to older, completed studies.
  • All users who tried out Q-Assessor during the prior beta-test phase can access (when logged in) their studies again, albeit in “read-only” mode. Thus they can retrieve their data and analyses if they like, just not restart those studies — unless they subscribe.
  • Subscriptions are denominated in one-month intervals. The cost is currently $500 USD per investigator per month.
  • Q-Assessor can accommodate teams collaborating on a study once one team member is the designated subscriber for the group. All group members can develop and deploy group studies, though they cannot run their own personal studies without a personal subscription.
  • Payment options at this point are bank checks drawn on US funds and bank wire transfers. We do not as yet accept other payment processors like PayPal and credit cards, but at whatever time subscription volume is significant to offset the substantial fees of those processors, we will reconsider.

We think that these policies will simplify and improve use of Q-Assessor. We’re always glad for your feedback.

You can read more about the subscription system and policies here,


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