Welcome to Members of the Q Method Listserv!

29 September 2010 - 20:01

Q-Assessor has broken out of relative stealth to announce its existence to the Q Methodology Listserv. This active group of primarily academic Q scholars has been in existence since 1996, and its archives provide a wealth of information and insight into all things Q.

Already a number of the Q list have signed-up, begun to experiment with Q-Assessor’s tools, and provided interesting and highly useful feedback. Thank you all!

Over time, we’ll address various ideas and suggestions we receive from users here in this space — discussing which innovations make the most sense, what issues others pose, and thinking aloud as to priorities and preferences.

Q-Assessor intends to provide Q investigators with the optimal systems and services they need to do Q on a big scale. We depend on you to let us know how we can best accomplish that! Thank you again!


Ken Breslow — 21 November 2012 - 17:12

Is it possible to use the Q-Method as a simple, easy, quick screener to determine “viability” of research participants?

Ken B.

Stan Kaufman — 21 November 2012 - 17:35

Q identifies viewpoints, characteristics, and other subjective perspectives shared within a population of interest. Whether this maps to whatever you mean by “viability of research participants” depends on what that might mean — which isn’t at all obvious to me. However, Q seeks much deeper insights than the binary “eligible/ineligible” determination you apparently want accomplish.

As to “simple, easy, quick” — well in general Q could hardly be accused of that. The process places a fairly high cognitive load on participants, and it takes them a nontrivial length of time to perform the steps if the study is anything more than a toy study. Q-Assessor makes Q as “simple, easy, and quick” as it’s possible for Q to be — but none of those adjectives really fits well.

So it sounds as if what you’re looking for would be some sort of one or two question survey, not Q.

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