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Q-Assessor Now Supports Images In Statements

Posted by Stan Kaufman on 10 October 2014 - 17:54 | Permalink

A recurring if infrequent request has been for Q-Assessor to allow investigators to place images within statements so that participants can sort graphical elements, not just text. Because of the variable and always too-limited screen real estate, this is a challenge. To be visible, images need to be large, but to fit numerous ones in a single view, they need to be small.

Q-Assessor now has what we think is a useful solution for this. Thumbnail versions of each image are placed in the statements when they’re being dragged around the screen, but large versions of each image show in a popup window when the participant hovers her cursor over the thumbnail — or taps the thumbnail on a tablet computer or smartphone. This allows the participant to quickly and intuitively switch between minimum and maximum views of each image.

During construction of the statements, an investigator uploads into Q-Assessor images for the statements. Q-Assessor automatically creates the necessary sized versions of the image and handles the popup magic when the study is deployed.

You can see all of this in action in this demo study.


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